Growing in Service and Justice

August 14, 2013 No Comments

Many of us are socially engaged, and spend time working together on social service and justice causes of many varieties. We believe that working for a compassionate world is the best witness of the spiritual life. Here are a few ways we are engaged:

Direct Service – hands on projects which can provide service to others while providing opportunities for participants to connect. This includes work with a local soup kitchen and food pantry, and support of a haven for women and children in need.

Education – sessions to learn about issues effecting the larger community. Our forums, open to the public, have included discussions of gun violence, the death penalty, and environmental concerns.

Funding and Fundraising – sharing our financial resources with organizations that support our principles through special financial appeal, grants, and tithing from the Sunday collection. Last year we gave over $7,000 to local charitable organizations.

Public Witness – advocating for change and standing up publicly for what we believe through contacting state legislators and congressional representatives and showing up at rallies. Our church supports the freedom of conscience, and members have self-organized to support marriage equality, immigration reform, and the human right to water.

To get involved contact the UUCiL office ( and ask that someone from the Social Justice Committee contact you about specific opportunities.

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