Social Justice Forum: Black Allyship–November 12

October 10, 2017 No Comments

Social Justice Forum: Black Allyship
Sunday, November 12 | 1:00pm 3:00pm
UUCiL Sanctuary

As a follow up to the White Supremacy Teach In, this past May, we will offer a two-hour session to level set on some samplings of the black experience and learn ways to be more supportive and inclusive of this group.

The session will feature a panel of Black and mixed-race panelists who will discuss some of their lived experienced and answer audience questions.

This is for:

  • Current UUs who would like to gain some insight to a group they may not have much exposure to
  • Community members who may be interested in learning more about the black experience in the UU faith
  • Anyone who considers themselves a Black ally
  • Those who have outstanding questions that representatives of the various Black experiences could answer
    Any and all are welcome to participate

Come with what you already know or a blank slate to begin your journey in learning. There are no wrong questions.