Rites of Passage

Our church celebrates the important moments of life, including birth, marriage, and death. Whatever your philosophical or religious persuasion, our minister will help you plan a meaningful service that fits your needs. You are encouraged to contact the church office to discuss the service, the fees, and the logistics early in the planning process.

Our church is a beautiful place for weddings and receptions. Its simple elegance is a complement to any celebration. We also have a large, beautiful arbor that can be used for receptions.

Child Dedications
In the liberal religious tradition, children are welcomed and celebrated by a caring community in a service of dedication. Most of these ceremonies happen during a Sunday service. At that time, a child is given a rose. Tightly closed, it represents a life that will unfold in beauty and strength. This is a meaningful service for many families.

Memorial Services
Our church is a caring community that offers services of memory and hope for loved ones. Our memorials celebrate the lives of those who are gone, offering a safe space for remembrance and recollection. Our minister is available to counsel grieving families, and plan a meaningful service.

Memorial Services Brochure


Whatever the special occasion, we welcome your interest in our church.