Our Staff

MINISTER, REV. ELEANOR KILPATRICK – Starting August 1, 2019: Rev. Ellie Kilpatrick will be starting her settled ministry with us August 1. Come join in as we embark on the journeys that await Rev. Ellie and our congregation! To learn more about Ellie, please visit her website at www.elliekilpatrick.com.






CHILDREN & YOUTH COORDINATOR, BOB MIESS: Bob Miess has been our Children & Youth Coordinator since September 2016. Ordained as a Lutheran minister over 40 years ago, he chose a secular career in technology after three years in the ministry. Bob became a member of the First Unitarian Church of San Jose in 1998, and has been Unitarian Universalist (UU) ever since. His technical career ended with a nearly fatal heart attack in 2005, prompting him to become a health coach. He also became a coach/consultant and retreat/workshop facilitator for UU congregations in the Western U.S. He taught in our district’s leadership school, and currently serves as chair of the Lay Ministries Committee for the UU Society for Community Ministries. He enjoys walking, sit-on-top kayaking, early Christianity, playing with a guitar, bridging divisions, physics, and brain science. But mostly he likes questions! He is convinced that our boxes are great containers until they become constrainers, and every moment is at the intersection of the beauty of what is and the wonder of what is about to become. He’s always open to conversations with adults and young people about our programs for children and youth, so if you have some thoughts, feel free to chat with him sometime. You can email him at cyc@uucil.org.