Chalice Circles

Chalice Circles are groups of 7-9 people who commit to meet twice a month to support each other on their life journeys.  Each Chalice Circle includes at least one trained facilitator who will guide the group in its tasks.  Meetings include a “check-in” period during which members share what is happening in their lives, but most of the meeting is devoted to an in-depth and personal discussion of a selected topic.

Chalice Circles can help us develop richer and more meaningful relationships with each other within our church. For newcomers, they offer a way to become part of the congregation.  For long-time members, they create new ways to relate to each other, to care for each other, to talk to and listen to each other.  We also expect through Chalice Circles to be challenged to spiritual growth, to deepen our understanding of Unitarian Universalist values and principles, and to be prompted to more fully express them among ourselves and in the larger community.  For a detailed brochure check here.

Registration will take place each spring and fall.    If you have other questions about the program, contact the church office at